Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I'm Proud To Play For Nigeria, Says Wilfred Ndidi

Super Eagles midfielder Wilfred Ndidi has revealed that he's always delighted and proud to represent Nigeria at every competition.
"I always wanted to play for my country. I feel good, I feel so much fun in the national team," Added Ndidi.

"I like seeing my friends and I feel good here but I never see myself as a very important player.

"I have always said to myself, anywhere I go, I can be replaced. So I just try to keep doing my very best. Keep focused. [The squad] have a lot in common. There’s a lot of guys around the team who are my ages so communication is easy.

"[Iwobi and Kelechi] have lots of strengths and play good football, you know, because of where they play and their experience. They have experience in Arsenal and City which is good for the country. They have a lot of skills and the future is good [for Nigeria].

"I don’t think about the World Cup, I just feel we need to take every game as it is. That’s important. Fight for every point that we need, that way we can improve where we stand in the qualifiers and get to the World Cup.

"I have played in the junior World Cup, so I have that feeling about how the World Cup might look. I know the senior World Cup will be much more big. It would be good to feel that."

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