Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Joe Hart: I Enjoyed Being Dropped By Pep Guardiola At Man City

Joe Hart was brutally axed by Pep Guardiola as Manchester City's goalkeeper last summer.
Hart, currently on loan at Torino, insists he only sees the positive sides of the incident.
"I'm not good enough not to challenge myself. There are only a handful of players out there who can roll out of bed and be world class. I'm not one of those," Hart told Daily Mail.

"I didn't stay at City, I only deal in facts. And that's the fact. I realised that I was struggling to make the bench, let alone the pitch. I had to make a decision, the club had to make a decision and we're both moving forward

"I've had a fantastic experience in Italy, i'm trying to learn from it. This was my challenge and I've enjoyed my challenge."

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