Sunday, 5 March 2017

Klopp: Liverpool Are Premier League's 'Roller Coaster' Club

Liverpool are now off the Premier League roller coaster and looking in the right direction according to manager Jurgen Klopp, who saw his side dismantle top-four rivals Arsenal in a scintillating 3-1 win on Saturday.
"We should not forget that we are able to do things like we did today and we will work on it," Klopp told BT Sport.

"It was clear we should not forget what we did well at the beginning of the season.

 "I said to the boys that at this moment we are kind of through the roller coaster of the league -- up and down, up and down. But now mainly up, still. The whole thing is a long-term project.

"You can understand that sometimes people lose a little bit of patience but we can't. Development is inconsistent. Development generally is inconsistent and until we are the team we want to be -- then you will be consistent.

"That's where we want to go. We will try hard and do everything for it and today we showed our nicest face again against a strong opponent."

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