Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Real Madrid Shirt Fits Him Well - Sergio Ramos Jabs Back At Pique's Comments

The war of words between Real Madrid and Barcelona is always fun.
Barcelona player Gerard Pique made sure it stayed sparked up after Spain's win over France on Tuesday, questioning why the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar face accusations - potentially referring to the duo's recent legal battles - while there's "nothing for Ronaldo" from what the defender claims is a Real Madrid-biased environment.

Though the comments could lead to drama within the Spain team, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos was quick to pass it off as Pique being Pique, and even joked about the Barcelona man looking good in Real's famous colours.
"Pique? What he says won't change any of Real Madrid," Ramos told reporters after Spain's win.

"It won't take years away from us, it won't take titles away from us. It doesn't matter.

"This is part of Pique's persona. We are not going to change him at 30. We have to enjoy him as a footballer because he is one hell of a player. We have to tell him to wear white more often, it fits him very well."
While the two share the field for the Spanish national side they are fierce competitors at club level.

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