Monday, 29 May 2017

Costa: I'll Stay At Chelsea Or Move To Spain

Diego Costa says the only club he would leave Chelsea for is his old side Atletico Madrid
Diego Costa confirmed his commitment to Chelsea following Saturday's FA Cup final defeat, while admitting he would leave if Antonio Conte wants him to.
"I will only leave Chelsea for Atletico," Costa said. 
"I know Chelsea wants to sell players, but I told them, I have two years left in my contract and I won't go somewhere else just because they want so.

"I will only sign for another club in Europe, they know that. Otherwise I'll stay with my current contract.

"I have a contract and no intention of leaving, but if there are changes to be made that might reduce my chances, if the coach won't count on me anymore or is to give space for another striker, I know that I'll have to leave. But only to where I'm willing to.

"If I have to move to another city or another country than Spain, I don't think I'll go, I'd rather stay at Chelsea. If the club wants to sell me, they know where I want to go."

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