Thursday, 25 May 2017

Paul Pogba Dedicates Europa League Win To Manchester Attack Victims

Paul Pogba led the tributes to the victims of the Manchester bomb attack after lifting the Europa League trophy in Stockholm on Wednesday night
Paul Pogba dedicated the Europa League win to the country of England, Manchester and the victims of Monday's terrorist attack.
“We know these things are very sad all over the world, in Manchester, London and Paris," Pogba said after his side's 2-0 win over Ajax.

“We won and worked for them and the country, we play for England and Manchester and the people who died.

“We started for this. We knew we were going to play it and we wanted to win, all the way to Stockholm, we are very proud."
Former United defender Rio Ferdinand said the players had done the city of Manchester proud

Juan Mata added: "It was a very difficult week for us and the city. We wanted to win for all the people who suffered and this trophy is for them.”
Manager Jose Mourinho praised his players for putting the atrocity to the back of their minds.
"We had to prepare ourselves to do our job and to forget events that are much more important than our job," said Mourinho.

"The world goes on, it doesn't stop. I agree with the UEFA decision to play the match.  

"It takes happiness from our achievement. Obviously if we could change the people's lives for this cup, we wouldn't think twice.  
"Does this cup make the city of Manchester a little bit happier? Maybe. But we just came to do our job. The boys were fantastic.

"They put on a block and stayed away from everything and concentrated on a football match."
Jose Mourinho has vowed to bring the trophy home to a grief-stricken Manchester

Midfielder Ander Herrera said that United's players were 'devastated' when they heard about the attack.
"This is just football but what happened two day ago was horrible," said Herrera.

"We want peace in the world, a normal world with respect. 

"This happened in Manchester but everywhere we need to have a united world to fight for peace and no more attacks and deaths please.   

"Yesterday morning we were really, really sad because you think of life and football — you have no choice.  
Jose Mourinho could hardly contain his emotions after United ended difficult season on a high

"It was difficult to train yesterday but the manager told us the only thing we could do is win this for them and that is what we have done. 

"It is just a football game and a trophy but if we can help and support with this just one per cent it is enough for us."
Mourinho said: "For the club it means the last piece of the puzzle — now it's a club with every trophy in the world of football.  
United made sure of a show of unity by inviting their injured stars to the final in Stockholm

"From a selfish perspective I am on holiday. I don't want to see any football or any international friendlies.  

"Three trophies in season, I am really happy with the players after my most difficult season as a manager."

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