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5 Most Popular Football Club Mascots

Mascots have become a popular attraction for football fans all over the world.

Mascots have long been an identity or a representation of sports groups all over the world. These fictional representatives are believed to bring luck or favour to the groups they represent.

Mascots are a huge part of the world of sports and are commonly used for branding and merchandising – whilst also for cheerleading at the grounds.

These goodwill ambassadors have been a major part of American sports culture and have now flourished all over the world.

These costumed characters often take the form of an animal or an object that the establishment holds dear.

The world of football has also adopted this culture with several clubs introducing some of their very own mascots.

While some have been existing for decades, others have been introduced in recent years.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most popular club football mascots.

Gunnersaurus Rex - Arsenal

The famous mascot of the Gunners came into existence back in ’1994 when Arsenal gave the club’s young fans the chance to come up with a design for their beloved club. The eight-foot-tall green dinosaur was the creation of Peter Lovell, who was just eleven years old when he came up with the idea of a Dinosaur being the club’s mascot. Apparently, Peter’s inspiration for Gunnersaurus Rex came from the 1993 movie Jurassic Park.

Rex has been an ever-present since, often making appearances at community meets, birthdays and weddings. He has been a part of some of club’s greatest moments, often spotted on squad’s bus parades.

The 23-year old continues to inspire the Gunners’ faithful both on and off the pitch, lifting their spirits during defeats and celebrating with them their best moments.


 Russian football club, Zenit St.Petersburg seem to be big fans of the popular animated sitcom, The Simpsons with the Russian team announcing Bart Simpson as their official club mascot back in 2014. Springfield’s most mischievous ten-year-old was announced as the club’s new player/mascot after Zenit reached an agreement with 20th Century Fox for the rights.

Bart is known to be a troublesome and malicious character in the world of The Simpsons and is often the cause of peril in Springfield. The club also released pictures of Bart shaking hands with Andres Villas-Boas after undergoing a medical at Zenit. ‘The Simpsons’ is the longest running American sitcom on television ever since it’s debut in 1989. The multi Emmy award winning show is available in five different languages and is popular all around the world.


England’s most successful club have endured a turbulent time in recent years. The club, uncharacteristically, have had 3 managers in last four years. Despite their on the pitch struggles, the club remains financially potent and their fan base has not decreased.

The club’s famous Fred The Red mascot, too continues to be a part of Old Trafford’s glorious history. Named after the club’s nickname, The Red Devils, Fred is one of the more popular mascots in the English Premier League.

Much like a cross between, Clifford the big red dog and the son of Satan, ‘Fred the Red’ is the devilishly charming mascot for Manchester United.

‘Fred The Red’ has been present in each of club’s winning years.

Wearing no 55 on the back, Fred enjoys the time with the players, fans and even the ex-players. His job was in danger recently; however, new manager Jose Mourinho lifted Fred by offering him a new contract.


Chirpy Cockerel was made the club’s official mascot partly due to Harry Hotspurs’ love for cockfights. The cockerels have been a part of the club’s emblem since the year 1901 and is inspired by the bird on Tottenham Hotspur’s crest.

Chirpy is a popular figure during matchdays at White Hart Lane and surely makes everyone go coo! coo! for Cockerel! Chirpy frequently travels with the Spurs squad on pre-season tours and also takes part in the Mascot Derby, where several club mascots take part in athletic obstacle races.

The club have failed to win titles commensurate with their status; however, things are looking on the up under Pochettino.

The likes of Dele Alli and Kane have made Spurs look as inspiring as ever and will be hoping to go one better in the title race this time.


The East London club moved to the Olympic Stadium this summer bidding adieu to Upton Park. They also announced their new mascot, Hammerhead. The new mascot came into existence back in 2011, when the one of stadium’s Ironworks was struck by lightning. Some of the club’s ardent supporters, though, did not initially welcome the semi-robotic mascot, with open arms.  The mascot is often seen clicking pictures with club’s young fans, dancing to the music and lifting their spirits.

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