Monday, 3 July 2017

Barca's Suarez Statue Vandalised As He Attends Messi Wedding - Photos

On Saturday morning in the city of Salto Uruguay, Luis Suarez' hometown, the statue of the famous Barcelona striker that had been erected was knocked over with the message: "I was at Messi's wedding, I'll be back soon."
According to reports from local media, the man who wrote the note and knocked over the statue was under the influence of alcohol and has been detained.
A statue of Barcelona and Uruguay star Luis Suarez has been toppled and defaced in Salto
With the monument taken away, a sign explained: 'I went to Messi's wedding, I'll be back soon'
He will be forced to pay for damages and fix the statue.
Luis Suarez attended the wedding of team-mate Lionel Messi in Argentina over the weekend
Suarez and wife attended the wedding of team-mate Lionel Messi in Argentina
The statue is in one of the busiest corners of the city and was erected on the 26th of July last year shows the Suarez with the Uruguayan jersey on raising his hand in celebration.

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