Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lionel Messi's Tattoo Artist Has A Threat For His Clients Who Criticize The Barca Star

Messi has an army of loyal fans to defend him.
And with the joy he has given them, they are prepared to defend him until the very end no matter what. They have stuck with the Barca star through disappointing times and have been there for the glory too.

But for his tattoo artist, Robert Lopez, the relationship is a lot more special.

Entering his tattoo parlour to get a tattoo done means you keep your bad opinion about Messi to yourself or better still, outside.
Here’s what he posted on the wall of his tattoo parlour; “So the tattooing process doesn’t hurt more than normal, don’t speak ill of Messi in this place”.  

Lopez was also handed an invitation to Messi’s wedding to Antonella which took place yesterday in Rosario.

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