Monday, 3 July 2017

When I Arrived At Barca I Felt Like I Was In A Video Game - Neymar

Neymar admits “it felt like I was in a video game” when he first joined Barcelona, as he was “embarrassed” to talk to his teammates.
Neymar now forms one of the world’s most feared front lines alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, but the Brazilian confessed he was initially starstruck by the talent on offer at Camp Nou.
“My start at Barca? I won’t say it was difficult to adapt to Barca’s dressing room when I arrived, but the first month was complicated,” he told Brazilian TV show Caldeirao do Huck.

“It was an exquisite situation, of course, because when I arrived and looked around, there was Messi on one and, on the other, Xavi ... or Iniesta, or Pique. It felt like I was in a video game: I’d just played on the console [with them] and suddenly I had them by my side.

“At first I was embarrassed to talk to them. They’re idols, my idols. And I was the newcomer and very young, so yes.”

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