Friday, 8 September 2017

English Clubs Agree New Transfer Window

Next year’s summer transfer window will close before the start of the new season, in a vote agreed by English Premier League bosses on Thursday.
As a result, all deals next season will have to be sealed by the 5pm on the Thursday before the opening game of the new campaign.

Managers have complained that the ability for players to move when the season is under way causes disruption to their squads and preparations.

The vote was not unanimous and clubs will still be able to sell players until the end of the normal window.

"Premier League clubs have today agreed to a rule amendment that will see the summer transfer window in any year end at 17:00 on the Thursday before the start of the season," the Premier League said in a statement.

"This is for Premier League clubs only and has no bearing on other leagues and competitions."
Fourteen English Premier League clubs voted in favour of the amendment, which was the minimum total needed for the plans to be approved.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Watford, Swansea and Crystal Palace voted against the proposal while Burnley abstained.

The window across Europe runs until 31 August. The English Premier League's move means while clubs will be able to sell until that date, buying activity will cease on 9 August for the 2018-19 season.

European leagues will still be able to buy and sell until 31 August, while the Football League's window also remains unaltered.

Europe's other major leagues -- Spain's Liga, Italy's Serie A, the German Bundesliga and France's Ligue 1 -- now face a decision about whether to fall into line with England.

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