Saturday, 16 September 2017

Neymar Uses Marquinhos As A Teacher

Paris Saint-Germain defender Marquinhos has revealed that Neymar has been using him as a French teacher.
The Brazilian told reporters: “It's incredible to see the connection between Neymar and Mbappe. It seems that they've known each other for years. They need to keep working but I'm confident, I know they will find the perfect understanding on the field.

Marquinhos added: "It was easy for Neymar to feel as part of the team. He's smart and he knows that it's very important. The integration of Mbappe was also natural and quick. Concerning the foreign arrivals, they know that they have to speak French.

 "Ney' has had some difficulty, but he tries to ask me how to say things, like, how to ask for an orange juice in a restaurant. Dani Alves has played with a lot of French players before, and he knows some words and understands it very well."

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