Friday, 8 September 2017

Real Boss Zinedine Zidane Convinced Ronaldo To Play Less In La Liga

Zidane managed Ronaldo's playing time last season, with the Portugal international making 29 league appearances – his fewest since his first Madrid campaign in 2009-10.
Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane praised his star player Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that 'he is from another planet and is the world's best', but still persuaded him to play less games in La Liga this year.
Zizou told beIN Sports that: "It was easy to persuade him. He's a very intelligent guy and he knows himself. Cristiano pushes his team-mates on. He's the best."
The French manager did not hold back and also expressed admiration for other players of his squad.
"Ramos is the leader, Cristiano is from another planet and Benzema is pure talent," he said.
Even though Real Madrid have won almost everything they could have one, Zidane still sees some points to improve.
H added: "I have so many extraordinary players that I want the team to play well.
"I am looking for the best style and that is to have more possession than your opponent, even against Barcelona."

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