Friday, 13 October 2017

109 Russian Hooligans Including A Woman Banned From All World Cup Games

A hardcore of 109 Russian football hooligans – including one woman – have been banned from all matches at next year’s World Cup.
Authorities are determined to crack down on the thugs after brutal clashes in Marseille before and after the England versus Russia match during Euro 2016 .

A blacklist naming the violent fans was leaked online yestrday. Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs originally identified 2,750 troublemakers.

The figure was cut to 297 when Russian supporters’ groups tightened control over their members.

Now this list of 109 identifies the worst offenders, who will be barred from all 12 host stadiums during the World Cup.

Violation of the banning orders will result in a 15-day prison sentence or a N148,617 fine.

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