Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Klopp's Dream Is To Coach Man United Before Liverpool Signed Him - Krautzun

Jurgen Klopp has always wanted to coach in the English Premier League, but the club he had always hoped to take over was not Liverpool but arch rivals Manchester United, according to the German's predecessor at Mainz and coaching mentor.
Eckhard Krautzun oversaw a young Klopp as he made the transition from player to coach, happily reminiscing about the times he sent the now-Reds boss on scouting trips to Africa and beyond.

But he also revealed in an interview with The Set Pieces that Klopp had eyes on Old Trafford rather than Anfield back when he was in Germany.
"It would be his dream to go to England one day and his favourite club would be [Manchester] United. That's what he said," said Krautzun, recalling a conversation he had once had with the Liverpool manager.
"After three or four months not working, I knew that he wanted to be in action again.

"I said (to Ferguson), 'Jurgen Klopp, if he goes abroad, if he goes to England, his love would be Manchester United.'

"When the offer came from Liverpool, I knew he would not hesitate because he wanted to get into a top club in England.
Krautzun reckons Reds are a perfect fit for Klopp's passion.
He added: "The emotions in the stadium in Liverpool and the enthusiasm of the fans, the temperament there – that fits Klopp.

"His emotions, the way he coaches the team, the way he jumps around, the way he shows his desire to win, that fits the club.

"The fans are little more different to Man U. Man U is more quiet, the fans love their team too.

"But there is more emotion and more passion I think in Liverpool. And Kloppo is a passionate, very temperamental man. That club fits him."
Liverpool host Man United this Saturday.

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