Saturday, 7 October 2017

Never Let Go Of Jurgen Klopp, Keegan Tells Liverpool

The ex - footballer is insisting that the German remains the perfect fit at Liverpool.
Former England and Liverpool player Kevin Keegan has urged the Reds to stick with manager Jurgen Klopp, whose this weekend marks his second anniversary at Anfield.

"I think he's a great manager. He fits Liverpool, he gets Liverpool,'' said Keegan at an Aspire Academy event.

"There are a lot of teams in the Premier League struggling in defence. All the rules have been changed to suit attackers -- yellow cards, red cards.

"It's no fun being a defender. If a defender misses three tackles he's off so it's no wonder they are cautious.

"I don't think Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea are great defensively. It's not just a Liverpool problem.

"Nowadays everything is built for teams to go forward, which is great. Who shows highlights of defending?

"Yes they are conceding goals and they say it's a bit like my [Newcastle] team, but at Liverpool fans want to see a good game of football and they want the team to have a go.tackles 

"I think Klopp is the hand-in-glove type guy. You can understand what he is saying, he doesn't talk in riddles, he says what he thinks.

"I hope they have patience with him if it doesn't actually go quite right because he is the right guy.''

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