Friday, 6 October 2017

Report: Qatar At Risk Of Not Hosting 2022 WC Over Corruption

A confidential report by Cornerstone Global has stated that 'an increasing political risk that Qatar may not host the World Cup in 2022'.
The BBC obtained this report and published that 'tournament insiders and regional experts have both stated to us that it is far from certain Doha will actually host the tournament'.

'The reasons for this are many and include open allegations of corruption - both in the bidding process and in the infrastructure development.

Qatar is under greater pressure regarding its hosting of the tournament... the current political crisis has seen - or at least raised the possibility of - a Qatari opposition movement emerging'.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have cut ties with Qatar, because it was destabilising the Middle East and supporting terrorism.

In this way, the project has become a lot more expensive, which causes a 'risk of non-payment and no realistic ability to enforce any legal contracts'.

The Qatar 2022's Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy reacted with a statement:

'Despite the ambitious title of this report, there is absolutely no risk to the future of the first World Cup in the Middle East'.

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