Thursday, 12 October 2017

Vidal Says He Won't Quit Chile

Arturo Vidal has decided he will continue for the Chilean national team despite their elimination from the 2018 World Cup on Tuesday.
After a cryptic message on Instagram, many people thought the Bayern star would retire from the national team, but he has clarified he will continue to accept call-ups in a message on Twitter.
“I am so sad, like most Chileans. We have lost our dream. We have all committed mistakes, yes. Now we must learn and try not to repeat them,” Vidal said in his message.

“It is tough. But this is not the end of anything. Not the end of a generation, nor this team nor least the end of our dreams. We have much to fight for, much to give, a lot of joy ahead.

"This is a very difficult time, and here we will see who's strongest.
"Chile is a team of warriors, I feel proud to belong to this squad. And I will not abandon them. We will go together to the end.
"Every time I am called I will be available for my national team. Our national team."

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