Saturday, 11 November 2017

Costa Is A Troublemaker, Morata Is Like Kane - Cole

Alvaro Morata replaced Diego Costa at the centre-forward position of Chelsea last summer for a transfer fee of 26 billion naira.
The former Real Madrid striker has been a success so far, having scored eight goals already.

Ex-Chelsea centre-forward Carlton Cole is very impressed with Morata.

 Cole explains the difference between Morata and Costa to Goal.
According to Cole: "Costa was a troublemaker on the field, he had scandal about him. You look at him and you think, this guy wants trouble, footballing wise, or he wanted to get in the defender's head.

"With Morata, you just have to look in his eyes. He is so determined when you look at him. When the camera is on his face, you see that this guy wants to do well. 

"He wants to prove to people what he is all about and what he can bring to the game'. Cole sees a similarity with another striker of the highest degree.

"I was surprised to see his pace, I didn’t know he was that quick, great technique and his finishing skills are on point. The same as Harry Kane really. Kane is surprisingly quick."

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