Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Gattuso Claims Pirlo Almost Made Him Quit Football

Former AC Milan and Italy midfielder Gennaro Gattuso claims playing alongside Andrea Pirlo made him consider switching careers.
Gattuso and Pirlo, who announced his retirement from football on Monday at the age of 38, played alongside each other for a decade at AC Milan, and before that at Italian underage level, where Gattuso said that Pirlo always made him look like a better player than he actually was.

Asked on Radio 24 if he was instrumental in the success of Pirlo for AC Milan and Italy, Milan Primavera Gattuso boss replied:
“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s not confuse Nutella with shit.
“When I saw him play it made me think I had to change profession. Nobody knows that better than me, because I started playing with him at Italy Under-15 level and then all the youth teams after that. 
“It wasn’t only about his quality, but he was an animal covering 1000 metres, he had this athletic quality which is why he played until this age [38]. 
“He was someone who ran so much. 
“I played with him for about 20 years when you consider the national youth teams, in difficult moments I just gave it to him, I always felt assured when I was next to him. 
“I understood what I had to do, and he was taking care of the rest. He helped me much more in my career than I did him. 
"In the dressing room? He’s a big son of a… With all due respect to his mother! He teased me for months, he was very funny. I punched him more times than Bud Spencer did Terrence Hill!"

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