Friday, 17 November 2017

Liverpool Manager Klopp Opens Up On Hospital Visit

A few days ago, the football community was shocked to hear Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was in the hospital.
Today he stated in his pre-match press conference that all is well and it was just a precautionary measure.
“I feel really good. Actually, I am 50 years old now and maybe I should get used to it, I am not sure! I was twice already in a British hospital," Klopp commented to the press.
Plenty of people suggested Klopp going to the hospital was a just a marketing ploy for Liverpool. Klopp laughed this away.
"The only problem is you should not try to experience a hospital as a person in [the] public [eye]… to go somewhere, to hospital or something, and the whole world is talking about it. It was not a marketing thing for Liverpool, but it would have been smart!"

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