Friday, 3 November 2017

Mourinho Puts Tottenham's Win Over Real Madrid Into Context

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has contextualized Tottenham Hotspur's victory over Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League.
The Portuguese manager pointed out that although Spurs knew how to crack the Madrid defense, they didn't find the net against United.

The Special One illustrated that:
"[Spurs] beat Liverpool 4-1 and Real Madrid 3-1 but did not score against Manchester United, so my players deserve at least a little bit of credit."
After last weekend's clash against Tottenham and Tuesday's UEFA Champions League match against Roma, there will be another massive showdown.

United face Chelsea this Sunday at Stamford Bridge, the club that sacked Mou in 2015.
The Portuguese boss said: "It is normal, it is football, it is professionalism, it is football life. One day you are in one club, one day you’re in another club.

"I have to admit it’s a little bit different but in the end, I want to win - like I did at Inter. It's a big match because they are the champions but from an emotional point of view, it's just one more game. 

"In a couple of years it will be even more natural and in four or five more years nobody will probably remember that I was Chelsea manager and it will be completely normal."

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