Monday, 13 November 2017

Real Madrid's Benzema Reveals Why He Lost Respect For Mourinho

Karim Benzema has complained that his relationship with Jose Mourinho soured after the Portuguese mocked him.
 Speaking at a press conference in 2011, Mourinho took aim at the Frenchman.
The Portuguese boss said: "If you don't have a dog to go hunting but only have a cat, you have to take your cat. You'll catch less, but you'll catch something all the same."
Those words stung Benzema.
“We always had a good relationship, but after that, there were expressions and statements that were not necessarily well intended,” the striker told Canal+ .

“I had the impression that it made him laugh. Even if he’s someone I respect, after a while, I started to lose it.

 “I told him what I had to say, it took an hour. 'I'm a football player, you're my coach, I respect you, respect me as a player'. From that moment on, there was no cat, no dog or whatever...

 “I'm shy but if you make fun of me, I'll be direct. And when you speak your mind, it's true that things are always better.”

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