Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Suarez: Coutinho's Would Bring A Lot To Barca

Liverpool supporters may well be a little displeased with Luis Suarez and his comments in the Catalan media on Wednesday.
Philippe Coutinho's possible transfer is back on the agenda after the Uruguayan's new interview with Spanish paper Mundo Deportivo.
"Coutinho would bring us a lot. I know him as a person and as a player because I played with him, but what Coutinho can contribute everyone knows. He is a footballer, who today, plays at a very high level," Suarez said.
Asked if Coutinho would want the Barcelona move, Suarez said:

"Obviously he must have wanted to because he is a player who has ambition and any player would want to come to Barcelona. 
"He went through a difficult and very complicated moment but as a professional, he has continued to show how good a player he is and the personal quality he has. 
"Despite trying to leave Liverpool he continued as one more helping the team and working. He is performing as a professional who has the ambition to take a step further."

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