Monday, 6 November 2017

Video: Shocking Horrific Challenge Was Punished Only With A Yellow Card

A shocking knee-high challenge was punished only with a yellow card during an U-17 clash  between Turkish giants Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.
A Galatasaray winger was racing away, ready to mount an attack — but Fenerbahce's Gurkan Baskanin was having none of it.

And made it clear, he would rather cut his opponent in half that let him past. Baskanin jumped as high as he could whilst still lying horizontally, with his left leg outstretched.

He caught his opponent halfway up his leg, with the Galatasaray man flipping halfway over onto his head.

Baskanin clearly thought he was going to be sent off as walked away from the stricken player. Yet, to the surprise of everyone, the referee pulled out the yellow card.

At this point, Baskanin was happy to acknowledge he had perhaps been a tad rash and went to check up on the lad he'd just scythed down.

See video:

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