Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Barca's Gomes Defends Sanches' Form At Swansea

Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes has jumped to the defence of Portugal teammate Renato Sanches.
The Bayern Munich midfielder has been pilloried in England as he struggles to find his form on-loan with Swansea City.

Gomes says Sanches has been treated unfairly and deserves to be cut some slack.
He said: "I cannot talk so much about him, because we have not talked in a while, and we do not talk much about football at the moment, it's better to avoid this, but I think he's going through an adaptation phase.

"A few months ago, he came from a very big club, but with a completely different football. It's a small shock, I think Renato can perfectly handle what has happened to him.

"It's exaggerated, he's criticized, but this is something that happens to many of us."

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