Thursday, 28 December 2017

Neymar: I Had Ronaldo's 2002 World Cup Hairstyle When I Was A Kid

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has revealed that he and many of his friends had the same haircut as Brazil legend Ronaldo during the World Cup in 2002.
The former Real Madrid and Inter forward was particularly known for his dribbling and finishing skills, but his remarkable hairstyle also attracted a lot of attention.

It also caught the eye of a young Neymar Jr.
"Although I was two years old, I think my first memory of a World Cup was on the TV," Neymar said.

"Watching on TV and Romario scoring the goals, the one Romario scored against Holland. Bebeto crosses and he takes it first time and it’s a golazo.

"That’s the first and the second is from 2002. I watched the whole tournament. And remember everything. I remember Ronaldo. The haircut of Ronaldo was good. I had it.

"I don’t have a picture but I’ll search for it. My mum has one for sure. All of my friends also had that haircut, we were all looking like Ronaldo."

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