Friday, 19 January 2018

Arsenal Boss Wenger: Sanchez’s Exit Less Painful Than Van Persie’s

Arsene Wenger believes that there's still life after Alexis Sanchez.
It looks like Arsenal and Manchester United will complete the deal soon, but the French manager feels the loss from Robin van Persie to the same club in 2012 was much more painful.

Wenger explained the difference between both players in The Telegraph. He said:
"We took Van Persie when he played in the reserve team at Feyenoord. We made a long work with him. When you get them there and, after they leave, that is the most painful."
The Frenchman also thinks that the fans are at peace with Alexis' departure. He added:
"Our fans know Alexis will not extend - they have accepted that idea and the fact it will not be one-way traffic. It will be other-way traffic as well and that makes the whole thing a bit smoother, maybe a bit less disappointing.

"We lose a player, yes, but we could gain another player. I think one would replace the other.

"You cannot rule anything out," the Arsenal boss replied when asked if a player would ever earn £60,000 (N29m)-a-week, referring to the astronomical figure that Sanchez is going to make at Old Trafford.

"We arrive to a level where the money for players who are free is so big, and the transfers so big, that the players think, "It’s better I go to the end of my contract."

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