Thursday, 4 January 2018

Arsenal Manager Wenger Calls Penalty Decision In Chelsea Draw 'Farcical'

It was a spectacular and entertaining London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea (2-2).
Jack Wilshere opened the score for The Gunners, but a controversial call by the referee gave Eden Hazard the chance to level the score from the spot.

Arsene Wenger continued his attack on the English Premier League refereeing, saying that the penalty decision was 'farcical'.

When asked what he would have done if Zappacosta's shot against the bar in the dying seconds of the match would have gone in, Wenger said:
"I would have committed suicide. We got again a farcical decision on a penalty, but we knew that as well before. Since the start of the season, it is what we have to take. You could give 10 penalties like that a game.
"We have to account in our preparation for that’s what we have to face. You see good football, unfortunately, you see as well bad decisions. Games are spoiled by factors you cannot determine. It’s all opinions. But when your opinions go the same way – what is repeated is not a coincidence."
Asked what he meant by saying that he 'knew that as well before', the Frenchman created a mystery:
"I mean nothing. You are always more intelligent than everybody. So you can guess what happens.

"Referee decisions influence the game. But nobody talks about it. So that means nothing will change," Wenger concluded.
Asked if a video referee would solve anything, the manager said:
"I’m not very hopeful. What I find terrible is that we have just seen a great football game and we talk only about things that are nothing to do with football."

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