Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Arsenal's Wilshere The Best English Midfielder By A Street - Gary Neville

Jack Wilshere has fought himself back in the starting lineup of Arsenal, after playing on loan for Bournemouth
 His resurrection hasn't gone unnoticed by Gary Neville, saying that 'he's the best English midfielder' that there currently is.

The Manchester United icon told on Monday Night Football that Wilshere is 'the best English midfield player by a street.
He said: "I worked with all of the English midfield players for four years and he could play in any single team in this country and live in that team or any single team in Europe, he is that good.

"The problem with Jack Wilshere is his fitness and his injuries and his reliability,' acknowledges the Sky Sports pundit. 

'If you had him playing every week he is a wonderful, wonderful player. He has a great attitude, he trains well and he has got fantastic ability.

"He takes the ball on the half-turn and he's the only English central midfield player like that. Dele Alli yes and Ross Barkley yes, but I class them as being more forwards. 

"I've worked with him and I've got no allegiance to Jack Wilshere or Arsenal Football Club and this is a fantastic player and talent, who is a must for England if he is fit and playing well," Neville concluded.

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