Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Chelsea Boss Conte Insists War Of Words With Man United Manager Mourinho Is Personal

Antonio Conte has insisted he has no regrets over his war of words with Jose Mourinho and confirmed the row is purely personal.
Chelsea head coach Conte and Manchester United manager Mourinho have traded insults over the past few days. Conte responded to Mourinho speaking about “clowns” on the touchline by accusing the Portuguese of losing his mind.

Mourinho hit back by referencing the match fixing scandal Conte was cleared over, which provoked the Italian to describe the former Chelsea manager as a "little man" and "fake."

Asked whether or not he regrets anything he has said or the nature of the row, Conte said ahead ahead of tomorrow’s Carabao Cup clash against Arsenal:
“Do I have the look of a person who regrets? I don't think so. We both said these things and we'll see what happens in the future.”
On the fact the public fall-out could damage the reputations of Chelsea and United, Conte added:
“This is not a problem for the clubs. It's a problem between me and him. I stop.”
The Football Association have already confirmed they will not step into the row between Conte and Mourinho, while Conte has made it clear there is no point in the League Managers’ Association trying to mediate on the matter.
“I think it's not important, (to involve) the association, you understand,” said Conte.

“It's not important. He said serious words, using serious words and I won't forget this.”

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