Saturday, 13 January 2018

Iniesta: Coutinho Not In Barca To Retire Me

Some would say that Philippe Coutinho was signed from Liverpool to fill the gap once captain Andres Iniesta is retired.
But the Spanish midfielder was very clear about this thought, saying that Coutinho has not 'arrived to kick me out.'
Iniesta told SPORT: "The best always have to be at this club. Coutinho is one of the best, young, with innate talent and Barcelona is a club where he can keep growing. Nobody will ever arrive here to retire me or kick me out. At 33 that's not the question, Coutinho is coming here to add to the team."
The playmaker expresses his praise for Coutinho:
"What sticks with me is that he's one of the best players in his position. He has a profile which is liked here. He's a fast player, talented, who combines very well, uses both feet, creates and scores goals."

"He will find a great environment here to grow in. Beyond the huge figures (of the market), we have to be happy that he's ours," the Barça captain concluded.

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