Friday, 5 January 2018

It's Difficult To Make History With Man Unitd - Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, who is reportedly negotiating a longer stay at Old Trafford, believes that it is harder to make history with Manchester United than with Chelsea.
Mourinho said he always had a clear favourite team in other countries.
The Portuguese boss:  "Everybody knows that in Italy - I am Inter, Inter, Inter. In Spain - I am Real Madrid, Real Madrid, Real Madrid. Everybody knows this kind of emotional connection that I keep with the clubs and that's the way I'm doing.

"The difference between Chelsea and United is that I really belong to Chelsea's history because I won three Premier Leagues, I won cups, lots of things there, the club won their first Premier League in 2004.

"So I have a history there and here my history is the history of somebody who works hard every day. United won the only competition the club never won, but everybody knows the Europa League is not the 'El Dorado' of football, and I come in a moment where it is more difficult to make history."
Mourinho indicates that he is making a stable base for future United managers: 'If a manager leaves a club one day even without big success, but creates conditions for the next one to come in and have success, that's also a very important part of this job'.

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