Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Ex-Inter Goalie Julio Cesar To Play Last Game On Saturday

Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar will play his last game this coming Saturday as a professional footballer with Flamengo, the team where it all started for him, before retiring at the age of 37.
The former Inter goalie remembered the main steps in his career in an interview with Italian daily newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport:
"My last game will be a celebration: we will not celebrate me, but anyone who has made this possible, Flamengo and their supporters: they took me when I was a child and were with me until I became a man, ready to play in Europe.

"I will thank them. My career's three most emotional moments? The first one is the win in the 2001 Campeonato Carioca with Flamengo in the last minute. 

"The second one has to be the 2010 Champions League in Madrid with Inter, that was definitely the highest point of my career. 

"Third one is World Cup 2014 when I saved two penalties in the round of 16 against Chile.
“I had an amazing career. It was a dream. I could never imagine to have such an incredible career. I expect my last game to be a kind of gift for me and Flamengo.

“I am going to cry, for sure. Inter fans know very well that I am not shy and I don’t care about cameras. I will cry yes.

 “I feel like I am 17. Vinicius told me something very nice a few days ago. He said: ‘I decided to remain for one more season at Flamengo to learn something more from you’.”
Vinicius, in fact, will soon move to Real Madrid but Julio Cesar urges media not to put pressure on him:
“He is a talented player, but he is very young and needs time.”  

Talking about his future, Julio Cesar said: “I could remain in the world of football, but I don’t know how, with which role. My best save ever? Everybody says that one on Messi in the Champions League semi-final. Maybe they are right. It was a special save in a crucial game and against a top team. One save is beautiful only if it’s important and that save was so important."
The legendary keeper also commented on Buffon's reaction after the decisive last minute penalty call against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League last week Wednesday. He said: 
"That penalty can be called or not, but the referee could have spared Buffon the red card. That said: Gigi himself said he could have expressed the same things in a different way. But then, when the adrenaline's pumping, you can say something you can regret later"

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