Why Ronaldo Chose Manchester United

Ronaldo did not have another real choice

Ronaldo did not have another choice

Ronaldo said he had many choices for other clubs, But finally, he decided his destination will be the Red Devils. Did he really have another choice?

Three Clubs can give Ronaldo the huge weekly wage he hopes for:

Man City

Man city can pay Ronaldo what he wants but the problem for Ronaldo, he know Pep Guardiola has a strong personality and aggressive mentality against superstars, he can not guarantee that will play every match. 

Paris Saint-German

Another rich club can pay anything to sign Ronaldo, But the problem is that there is much competition for Ronaldo to be a starter and Ronaldo ego can accept that. 

Manchester United 

There is no super striker in Man United besides Ronaldo has a big base of fans in Old Trafford and Solskjaer is no  Pep Guardiola, he can disappoint Ronaldo ego, he said to Solskjaer "I am not going for vacation" and the manager assured him he will be a starter.

Will Ronaldo Succeed in Manchester United?

The answer is YES, his new team has great midfielders who can create huge numbers of chances for Ronaldo and he will be the first Penalty shooter and replace Bruno Fernandes who should  need to be more selfish to score goals after Ronaldo arrived.

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